Do you want the man of your dreams?

Do you want to come out to your family?

Do you want to live a happier life?

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Do you feel like you never create the life that you always dreamed of? With my knowledge and experience I can guide and inspire you to achieve more of your personal and professional goals.  I will work with you to resolve any self-limiting beliefs and difficulties to help clear any fears, doubts and negativity that are not allowing you to move forward. My aim is to help you embrace the positive aspects of your life and to bring forth the new and exciting adventures that await you.

The Gay Coach

Using an array of techniques from NLP Trainer, NLP Master Coach, Master Time Line Therapy and Master Hypnotherapy heal past traumas, phobias, illnesses and dis-ease that affects all aspects of your life. Specialised in helping LGBTI adults and youth I guarantee my results in the following:

Self Acceptance

Have you been struggling to accept yourself? Any conflicting parts about yourself are fully realised and integrated into the wholeness of who you are, spiralling you on a journey of inner healing. Using metaphors, hypnosis and NLP techniques we will map out what is halting you in accepting the person that you truly are. Are you seeing yourself as you want to be or is your perception distorted. What are you projecting out into the world, your fears or your safety?


Coming out

Are you still in the closet and need help to come out? What are your fears and anxieties? Using creating your future techniques all your fears and anxieties can be removed in a matter of minutes. I then input the goals of what you want instead, i.e. the positive reaction from your family and friends into your unconscious mind. Then you will see, in front of your very eyes how easy it is to come out.


Healthy Relationships

Fed up of always being single or in bad relationships? Get to the root of the problem from childhood and before to eliminate all negative emotions and beliefs that keep you locked into those bad relationships. Learn how to heal your current relationship or get into a new relationship. Clear up your relationship and sex values. Figure out what you actually want out of a relationship once all your blocks have been removed. Learn your deep love and attraction strategy so you can finally live the life of your dreams with your soul mate.


Career Goals

Can’t seem to get that career of your dreams? Are your limiting beliefs stopping you from achieving all that you want? Are you procrastinating and would rather be motivated. Using the breakthrough session in career, eliciting your values for your ideal work situation and imbedding anchors to get you to act is the surest way to kick start your career. Creating your future goals and inputting them unconsciously makes sure that want you want comes in the specific time you want.

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